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Department of Architectural Technology and Conservation

Conference on the Education of the Professional Architectural Technologist

Date: June 4

Venue: Bolton Street

Following the recent publication of the 10-level National Framework of Qualifications by the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI) it will be necessary for the various educational institutions to review and revise their programmes to address the issues of access, transfer and progression in a national context.

Arising from this, existing 3-year diploma courses will be restructured as NQAI Level 7 Ordinary Bachelor’s Degrees, while subsequent qualifications will be offered as Level 8 Honours Bachelor’s Degrees, Level 9 Master’s Degrees and, ultimately, Level 10 Doctoral Degrees.

This development offers exciting challenges to the various architectural technology programmes in Ireland. In particular it offers an opportunity for the educators in architectural technology to develop or restructure their post-Level 7 qualifications on a consistent basis and to outcomes that meet the particular needs of the professional architectural technologist.

Arising from the above, the Department of Architectural Technology and Conservation at Dublin Institute of Technology will host a conference on the Education of the Professional Architectural Technologist, to take place on Friday 4 June 2004.

The conference will be attended by representatives of DIT, Waterford IT, Cork IT, Carlow IT, the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland, HETAC, the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland Board of Architectural Education, the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland Technician Committee, the British Institute of Architectural Technologists, and a number of professional architectural technologists and architects.


EAAE ARCC Conference 2004

June 2, 3, 4 Dublin School of Architecture D.I.T. Bolton Street Dublin Ireland. Phone 353 1 4023690 e-mail:
Keynote speakers: Chris Luebkeman – Ove Arup, London. Ciarán O’Connor – Office of Public Works, Dublin. Professor Brian Norton – President Dublin Institute of Technology.


Day 1

Wednesday 02/06/04
Venue: Dublin School of Architecture, Bolton Street, DIT

08.00 Registration/ Coffee
09.00 Conference opening address by:
President of EAAE – J. Horan
President of ARCC – F. Rifki
09.30 Keynote Speech by:
Chris Luebkeman
Prof Luebkeman is an engineer and architect, currently a director of research and development with Arup. He has taught at University of Oregon, ETH in Zurich, Chinese University of Hong Kong and at MIT.
10.15 Session One: Five Papers
  1 Conceptualisation & Collaborative Methodology
The Grands Ateliers in France- D Grezes,Grenoble France
Translating Architectural Education Research –
A Kwok,B Haglund,W Grondzik



Session One (cont.)
Unfriendly Problems – P Russell, Aachen,Ger
Aims for the Active Learning scene – C Dyressen, Gotenburg, Sweden
Reconnecting the City– L Farrelly, Portsmouth,UK






Session Two: Four Papers


2 Knowledge & Practice

Knowledge Production by Architectural Practice –
F Nilsson,
Creating an Archit. Knowledge base in theory and practice – L Fontein, Ottawa, Canada
Mind the Gap – S De Bleeckere,Diepenbeek Belgium
Connecting Practice to Academy – S Dent, New Mex,USA






Session Three: Four Papers


3 Student to Architect: Learning Transformation

The student, the architect, his intern and her knowledge -A Heylighen, Leuven, Belgium
The Teaching Office – A Joyce, ACE
Integrating Research into Practice – K Roper, Atlanta,USA
Representation & Collaboration – A & K Smith, Utah USA




Close Day 1


Partners join conference group. Transport to
RIYC Dun Laoghaire.
Dress code: jackets, ties, smart casual.

20.00 Conference Dinner

Day 2

Thursday 03/06/04
Venue: Botanic Gardens

08.00 Assemble at Dublin School of Architecture, DIT.
Transport to Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin.
08.30 Coffee
09.00 Keynote Speech by:
Ciaran O’Connor
Mr. O’Connor is the assist. principal architect in the Office of Public Works. He has won numerous architectural awards for his work chiefly: the Europa Nostra Gold Medal 1997, the RIAI Triennial Restoration Medal 2001. His work has been extensively published and exhibited in Ireland and abroad. He is actively involved in promoting standards in construction and education.
10.00 Session Four: Five papers

4 Transferable Knowledge

Collaborative Online Course – D Bender,
Arizona, USA
On the Interdependancy of thinking – J Schnier, Buffalo USA

10.45 Coffee
11.00 Session Four (cont.)
Architectural Competitions &
Reflective practices – D Bilodeau & JP Chupin, Montreal, Canada
Defining the Virtual – P Russell Aachen, Germany
Evaluation of graduate competencies – J Drake, Newcastle, Australia
12.00 Discussion
12.45 Lunch
14.00 Session Five: Four papers

5 Case Studies & Experimentation

The Roadscape as Garden – C Wingren, Alnarp, Sweden
Disney Hall – M Schiler, Southern Cal, USA
Case Studies in Rural Placemaking – N Krug,Neb. USA
Multi-family Housing – SukKyung, Texas USA

15.30 Discussion
16.00 Coffee
16.30 Session Six: Five Papers

6 Prototype Design

Measuring the value of daylighting labs –
D Brentrup
, N.Carl.USA
Building, Teaching, Thinking – MG Hipola, Madrid, Spain
Modified Knowledge in the field of Architecture– LH Stahl, Lund,Sweden
Interdisciplinary Methodology – J Bermudez, Utah USA
Adding Sound to.. – S Oliver, Idaho, USA

18.30 Discussion

Close Day 2


Transport back to Dublin School of Architecture

20.00 Evening free for delegates in Dublin

Day 3

Friday 04/06/04

Venue: Dublin School of Architecture, Bolton Street, DIT

08.30 Coffee 
09.00 Keynote Speech by:
Prof. Brian Norton
Prof. Norton is president of DIT. He has made major theoretical and experimental contributions to research in solar energy. His work is cited extensively internationally. He has received numerous awards chiefly: the gold medal of the Amir of Bahrain for outstanding achievement in solar thermal applications,1996 Napier Shaw medal & 1999 Roscoe Award of the Institute of Energy.
09.45 Session Seven : Five papers 

7 Sustainability & Building

The Workplace Performance Project – B Haglund, Uni. of Idaho USA
Building a Passive Solar Residence – R Michal, Arizona USA
Recycled Building Materials Market –P Kennedy Nebraska, USA

10.45 Coffee 
11.00 Session Seven (cont.)
Modelling Techniques for Sustainable - S Ubbelohde, Berkeley,USA
Noise Reduction of Green Roofs – D Ouis, Malmo University, Sweden
11.45 Discussion 
12.45 Lunch 
14.00 Session Eight: Four Papers 
  8 Design Origins

Cultural Architecture – S Gromark, Gothenburg,Sweden
Bridges & Prototypes – D Elger, Karlsruhe,Germany
Form & Structural Expression – S Vassigh, Buffalo, USA
Establishing Programmatic Foundations – R Koester, Ball St. USA
15.30 Discussion 
16.00 Coffee 
16.30 Session Nine: Five Papers 

9 Approaches to design research

Performance Analysis & concept design – A Marsh, Cardiff UK
Designing a Hypothesis for Case Studies – W Grondzik & A Kwok, Florida A&MU, Uni. Oregon, USA
La representation, outil d’analyse – MA Creps, Grenoble France
The Architect according to APS - B Krucker, ETH Switzerland
Discontinuities of Space – F Rifki, O Kepez, E Demir N.Carl. USA

18.20 Discussion 
19.00 Close of Conference
Address by: Sean O’Laoire of Murray O’Laoire Architects
19.30 Wine Reception & Exhibition of Dublin School of Architecture 

Day 4

Saturday 05/06/04
Venue: Varies

 09.30  Guided Tours of Dublin
 12.00 End of Tours

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